About Tahitian Black Pearls



Born in the azure blue lagoons of the South Pacific, these world-famous pearls embody the spirit of aloha and are revered for their intense rainbow of colors, their glowing luster, and their significant size.



Black Pearls are considered to be one of the rarest gems on earth, 100 times more rare than white pearls! Although they are called Black Pearls, the colors range from iridescent emerald green, sea green, pale silver blue, melon, peach-copper, pink, cranberry, bordeaux, indigo and aubergine, to dark green and deep midnight black. Shimmering, iridescent, exotic and rare.



Tahitian Black Pearls are born of the giant black-lipped oyster. Lovingly tended on private Tahitian island atolls, the pearl grows in the shell for two to five years before it is carefully harvested. Black Pearls are prized for their large size and rainbow of colors.


Polynesia Pearls follows the Tahitian pearl grading standards set forth by GIE Perles de Tahiti, and the Ministere de la Perliculture of Tahiti: the governmental organization of French Polynesia in charge of the promotion & regulation of Tahitian pearls, as well as consumer protection.

They developed a grading nomenclature divided into 6 categories: Top Gem – Grade A – Grade A/B – Grade B – Grade C – Grade D

The GIA created a similar table starting with Gem Grade – Grade AAA – Grade AA+ – Grade AA – Grade A+ – Grade A

All cultured Tahitian pearls that do not fall into one of the above categories, or do not meet the minimum nacre thickness requirements of 0.8 mm per radius, do not pass the mandatory examination of the Ministere de la Perliculture of Tahiti. Those pearls are ceased and destroyed.


Pearls are an organic gemstone, so they are softer and more delicate than other gemstones. Substances such as perfume and hair spray can dull the luster of pearls or cloud their brilliance.

Apply perfume, hair spray and other cosmetics before putting on your pearls. After wearing pearls, wipe them with a soft, damp cloth to remove any traces of cosmetic products and body oils. Wash the pearls periodically with a mild soap and a soft cloth to remove any build-up over the gems.

Never use harsh cleaners when washing pearls. Because of their delicacy, pearls should be stored separately, away from hard jewelry to prevent scratches and other damage. Store pearls wrapped in soft cloth or in a soft-lined container or jewelry box.