Maeva – Welcome!

Ia Ora na, Bonjour, Hello! we are Casey & Jean-Marc. We are a French American couple who has lived in Raiatea, French Polynesia for over 15 years. We now share our time between the South Pacific and the desert of Arizona. We buy directly from the pearl farmers, who’ve worked hard for 2 to 5 years nurturing their Pinctada Margaritifera oysters to harvest Gems from the pristine tropical waters of the South Pacific, so we can bring them to you.

We’re a small family run business, specializing in Tahitian pearls. That’s all we do. And that model allows us to wipe out the overheads that are associated with running a brick & mortar store. We select our pearls, make our own jewelry and sell them directly to you so we can control the process & the quality, and offer an incredible value to you.

Just remember, every one of our pearls has a unique story. It will sing to your ear the songs of the South Pacific, reflect the colors of a pristine lagoon so far from any continent you’ll get seasick just looking at a map.

Fall in Love with our beautiful Tahitian Pearls

Now, if you’re curious to learn more about who we are and how we got involved with Tahitian pearls. Well, Casey grew up in Houston, Texas. Jean-Marc grew up in a small village of Provence in the South of France. Our passion for surfing took us to the reefs of French Polynesia. We spent 15 years building our business, leading the good life in the Leeward Islands. We fell deeply in love with one of the world’s rarest organic gems. Let our beautiful Tahitian pearls charm you too.